15 Minutes a Day to Make Your Business More “Social”

Go Ahead; Take On Social Media

The amount of time that can be spent on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, for example) seems overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Make yourself an appointment for 15 minutes, each day, where you focus on placing your updates and messages on your target sites.

Focus on Where Your Customers Are

Focus on where you want to be for your customers. If the idea of being an inspiration to your customers appeals to you, then focus on those things you see throughout your day that would serve that purpose. They may be short articles, sayings or observations that you or others make and use those to help get your name in front of your customers. That is an easy way to develop copy for your social media sites.

Be Consistent in Your Social Media Approach

During your 15-minute appointment, log into each of your selected social sites or a blog focused on your industry. Upload messages, articles or observations to share with your friends and contacts. When you are consistent about delivering your positive messages, your potential customers will soon notice and remember you. Thus, you will achieve one of the goals of your marketing efforts: top-of-mind awareness about who you are and what you do to place excellence around your service and products.

Social Media Takes Time, but It Doesn’t Have to Take a Lot

Fifteen minutes a day will not be missed in the totality of your busy day, but it will make a world of difference in the view people have of you and your company. Just be consistent about making your presence known. Using social media for business is a battle of attrition; you wear down the resistances little by little while you build up your position in the market exactly the same way.

It’s time to change your game – a little. Whether you realize it or not, your marketing game has already been changing. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter didn’t start out being marketing tools but they have found their way into those possibilities.