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Breathe life and innovation into your presence.

Founder, BoldImpact42

Social Media

Scale Followers + Boost Engagement

No one likes to admit it, but the number of followers you have on social media build your authority. A person with thousands of followers is much more believable than someone with hundreds.

Using Organic methods and Paid advertising, we can help you attract 1000s of your ideal customers to your social profiles.

Social media is an aspect of successful business promotion that will only increase in the future. BoldImpact42 leverages social media marketing in ways few others have discovered.

  • Content planning, writing and publishing aligned brand messages
  • Social Media Research & Objectives
  • Analyze and track the most active social media topics related to your brand
  • Active Social Monitoring
  • Blogger & Influencer Outreach
  • Paid Advertising on all major platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Email + SMS Marketing

Attract and retain more customers.

Attracting the right people to you is a mix of gaining a deeper connection with your ideal customer's psychology, inventing creative ways to solve their problems, and frictionless technology.

Grow Your Email List

Emailing and messaging your customers and keeping them informed is the most effective way of boosting customer retention and increasing sales (Forrester Research).

We create campaigns that:

  1. Form a relationship, a one-on-one dialogue, instead of a mass broadcast.
  2. Offer valuable content and information, rather than simply pushing products.
  3. Encourage customers to visit your website again and buy your product or inquire about your services. View who clicked on your email and retarget them with a personalized message. While getting people to subscribe is the first step, you must also stay in contact with your clients at least monthly. Email marketing can also be automated.

Statistics show that:

  • It takes six to seven contacts before you can turn a prospect into a customer. Those acquisition strategies can be expensive and time consuming unless you are following up with email marketing and SMS/Messenger marketing.
  • It’s 6 times more cost effective to market and make a sale to an existing customer than to go find a new one.

Grow Your SMS & Messenger List

Incorporate SMS and Messenger marketing into your overall marketing plan. There are now MORE people using messenger apps (like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber) than people on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. People are spending MORE time on these messenger apps than email. In fact, half of users actually prefer messaging over email or phone to talk to a business! If this is where more customers are, then you need to be too.

But that’s not the best part.

  • It’s typical for people to open these messages 80-90% of the time.
  • Compare that to email, where 21% is the average open rate.
  • That’s 4X the open rate of email!

What would happen to your income if your messages were opened more often? Do you think your sales would increase? You bet they would. And all of this can be AUTOMATED.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation involves delivering meaningful messages at the time they’re most relevant and in the way that matters most to them.

Automate Across Several Platforms

Marketing automation is delivered across multiple platforms, including:

  • Email Marketing
  • Text messaging (SMS)
  • Facebook Messenger
  • LinkedIn Mail
  • Whatsapp and other messaging apps
  • Social Media

We help you:

  • Build targeted lists
  • Plan and execute campaigns
  • Measure email/website behavior and activity
  • Segment based on activity and score leads
  • Add to email follow-up sequences based on segments
  • Each segment receives relevant information to demographic and geographic data
  • Analyze marketing + sales performance

The Key to Authenticity in Marketing Automation

Delivering timely and relevant messages keeps prospects progressing in the Customer Journey. However, knowing what to automate and what not to is just as important so you don’t alienate prospects and customers.

The difference between salad and garbage is timing.

- Dan Kennedy

Segmenting lists allows you to deliver relevant messages, which increases engagement and interest. We can segment according to the person’s relationship to your company, demographics, tastes, preferences and behaviors. For example:

  • New Prospects
  • New Customers o Repeat Customers (Frequency)
  • Customers who recently purchased (Recency)
  • Customers who have purchased more than $X (Monetary Value)
  • Inactive Customers
  • Customers who bought X
  • Advocates & Affiliates
  • Prospects who clicked on X
  • Prospects who are on Facebook versus LinkedIn
  • Prospects who have a fax number
  • Prospects who have a cell number
  • And more...

Content Strategy

What the heck is a content strategy?

Developing a content strategy is a little difficult if you don’t understand what is meant by the term.

A great brand presence on the web consists of useful, usable content that informs, sells, explains, and provides support to whatever your Unique Selling Premise is. Your website, emails and social content needs to be controlled so it is up-to-date and matches your positioning. Content also needs to contain the language that is in use by the customers, not the company. For example, your television manufacturing company may refer to the devices as televisions, but your customers are looking for TVs.

Content also needs to be brain-friendly. When you add neuroscience into your marketing, you can expect that messages, visuals and marketing will more easily penetrate the minds of your customers. But be warned, this is so powerful that it MUST be used in an ethical way.

In our experience, Brain-Friendly marketing is an awareness and blending of these four main areas:

Breadth of Capabilities

Since learning is a key part of the buying process, your marketing must communicate to ALL four buying styles and address the mental triggers of each learning style. Most companies only speak to one buying style in their marketing, and so you have probably been alienating ¾ of your potential customers! When you adapt your marketing to incorporate ALL four buying styles, you will attract more people to your brand and they will understand you quickly. Plainly stated, you will sell more products and services - and impact more people.

Results are Measured

Heart triggers are the most fascinating to us because it has been scientifically proven through the work of pioneer neurocardiologist, Dr. J. Andrew Armour that humans have a “heart brain,” a complex and intrinsic nervous system that is a brain in the heart. They have found that there are thousands of neuroreceptors in the heart passing information to the brain in ways that greatly affect how we perceive and react to the world around us. In other words, heart intelligence is really the source of emotional intelligence. So if you think mental triggers and buying styles is powerful, the heart triggers have even better potential impact to get you into the hearts and minds of your prospects and customers.

Cost-Effective, To-the-Point Solutions

Cognitive biases heavily affect your customers’ decision making, for better or worse. One example of a cognitive bias is the Bandwagon Effect. It states that the probability of one person adopting a belief will increase based upon the number of people who hold that belief. This is a form of groupthink and is why most meetings are non-productive (by the way, to hold a very productive meeting, see our founder Christie Turley’s article in Fast Company). We put these cognitive biases to your advantage so you can influence more people and help transform more lives.

Senior Level Experience

Based on the work of Abraham Maslov and Milton Erickson, and later used by Tony Robbins in his mentoring programs, the 6 Human Needs approach can inspire people to action. Each person is primarily driven by one of these needs, which affects the decisions and actions they take. When we incorporate ALL 6 human needs into brand positioning, messaging and marketing -- just like ALL 4 learning styles -- MORE people who have different needs and learning styles will take action with our marketing.

The 6 Human Needs are:
  • Certainty - The person is striving to experience comfort and gain certainty in life in order to minimize the stress of uncertainty.
  • Uncertainty - The person is striving for a little variety and uncertainty in life to relieve boredom, predictability and stagnation.
  • Significance - The person is striving to gain a sense of significance and importance in the eyes of others. They need a sense of identity.
  • Connection - The person is striving to make deep connections with people. They have a need to love and be loved by others - and to belong.
  • Growth - The person is striving to learn, experience and grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a variety of ways throughout their life.
  • Contribution - The person is striving to contribute to something greater than themselves. They are all about adding value to other people’s lives.
The higher you go on the scale to help your customers, the more you can command premium prices and the more attractive your brand.

Solving those issues is essentially the definition of what a content strategy covers.

Here are the four main areas to consider when forming your content strategy:
  • What are people looking for?
  • What words do they use when searching the search engines?
  • What words do you put in the navigation?
  • Where do you want your audience to click?
  • What kind of content does your audience seek?
  • How long does your audience stay in your content?
  • How often do they share it with others?
  • What is your audience talking about?
  • Do they get engaged with your products/services/market?
  • What do they say to others?
  • How do we get people back on our site?
  • How do we get them to make inquiries?
  • How do we get them to buy more efficiently?
  • Whom do we want to attract as potential customers?
  • What do our product descriptions say?
  • What is working well and what isn’t? (What do conversion rates and analytics say?)

The focus of content strategy is to align content to the main mission of the company – and be as clear, concise and cohesive as possible.

Founder, BoldImpact42

Content Writing

How crystal clear is your messaging?

Most brands lack clarity in their content. Your stories, social media posts, website content and email messages must be tied together with a golden string.

3 Rules When It Comes to Writing Content

  1. Be Useful – A website and other content (social, email, podcasts, etc.) should contain useful, usable content that informs, sells, explains, and provides support to whatever the Unique Selling Premise is.
  2. Be Relevant – Content also needs to contain the language that is in use by the customers, not the company. For example, your television manufacturing company may refer to the devices as televisions, but your customers are looking for TVs.
  3. Be Motivating – We edit and rewrite content, building compelling messaging and calls-to-action that increase conversions (leads and sales). With a unified voice in your message, we engage your prospects and your customers in a positive, trusting conversation.
One Stone, TEN Birds.

Take one topic about your business and leverage it 10 different ways. For example, each time a “Hot Topic” is introduced, it’s transformed into several forms of content, including:

  • Email Newsletter to Prospects & Customers.
  • Social Content - slice up content into bite-sized pieces in written and video format for various social media platforms.
  • Blog Post (Search Engine Optimized and and leveraged through Social Media).
  • Press Releases (which can lead to speaking engagements and media interviews).
  • Podcast (iTunes Podcast, YouTube and other podcasting sites).
  • Video - Videos promoted through social networking sites.
  • Free E-Book, Report, White Paper (to leverage email addresses in exchange for access to the information).
  • Webinars – Present information in the form of a webinar, invites a national audience, archives of past presentations available from website with an email address login.

Metrics & Tracking

Identify what to leverage to amplify it.

When you invest money in a marketing campaign, it’s expected to deliver a return. That’s why we test and measure your web ads, website conversion rates, click-through rates on email marketing campaigns and response on other marketing campaigns and tie it directly to Return on Investment (ROI).

We meet with our clients at least monthly. We not only send you a report, we also discuss them and interpret its meaning. That’s when real learning begins and action can be taken with a higher degree of precision and expertise. Through our reporting process as well as planning and acting on monthly initiatives, our clients have experienced continuous improvements in search ranking, conversion rates, time spent on website, bounce rates, and ROI.

Several tools help us track traffic on your website and its origination. In addition, we aggregate a number of key performance indicators from multiple sources:

  • Traffic – unique visitors to website
  • Conversions (Leads and Sales)
  • Attention (time on site) & engagement (stickiness)
  • What content visitors want and what they reject ·
  • Search engine rankings
  • Online chatter and sentiment (positive, negative, neutral)
  • Track shifts in online chatter & sentiment over time
  • Replies to blog, Twitter and Facebook posts
  • What keywords are popular
  • What messages are powerful
  • # event attendees
  • # media stories & impressions (size of audience)
  • # of blog subscribers
  • # of followers versus # of influencers (Social Media)
  • # video views
  • # of user-generated content (videos, photos, forum, user-generated content)
  • # actions taken on the website

If I had only one hour to solve a problem, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution.

― Albert Einstein

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Since we started over 16 years ago, we've maintained a boutique, high-touch approach to working with our clients. Because of this, we work with a limited number of clients one-on-one to amplify and innovate their brand, message and business into one that has bold impact. To learn more, request a Clarity Call here.

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The philosophy about how a consultancy approaches a client tells a lot about the work and results they will produce.

Award-Winning Campaigns

BoldImpact42 has won a number of awardsover the years, including awards from the American Marketing Association (AMA):

  • Integrated Marketing Campaign: New Product
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign: Existing Service
  • Infographics
  • New Product/Service Campaign
  • Existing Product/Service
  • Campaign Web Advertising
  • Creative Packaging
  • Award for Excellence
  • Printed Collateral

Get Clarity

Since we started over 16 years ago, we've maintained a boutique, high-touch approach to working with our clients. Because of this, we work with a limited number of clients one-on-one to amplify and innovate their brand, message and business into one that has bold impact. To learn more, request a Clarity Call here.

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