The Top 3 Essentials for Website Redesign Success

az marketing companiesAZ marketing companies need to keep websites fresh and efficient.  This article is the second of two parts on how to get the very most from your company’s internet marketing efforts.  The first article, “Website Redesign: An Investment You Cannot Afford to Pass Up” discussed the importance of keeping your website updated and fresh and how to get the most out of your website.  This article discusses the three greatest areas of concern for website redesign success.

AZ Marketing Companies Have 3 Areas of Concern

AZ marketing companies should know three major areas that need scrutiny:  first, the overall usability of your site is of paramount importance; second, the landing page is probably the single most important page to motivate visitors to become your customers; and third, search engine optimization puts you in front of the customer.

#1: Website Usability

It is essential to redesign based on usability because website design success requires an understanding of customer behavior and makes customers take action—the action you want them to take.

  • Research suggests that fully, one-third of all online transactions may be aborted due to usability problems.
  • According to website usability expert, Dr. Jakob Nielsen, website redesign based on a usability analysis, on average increases traffic (hits) by 150% and increases online sales by 100%.
  • Consequently, an investment in usability typically provides a return on investment between a 10-fold and 100-fold return in sales.

#2: Landing Pages

The landing page is your one-time, first-impression opportunity.  The landing page acts as the doorway to your website business and it can either be inviting or inhibitingThrive Marketing, one of many AZ marketing companies, has done a lot of study on what makes landing pages successful.  In a recent article about landing page optimization, we published what we have seen (“Boost Your Website Conversions: Landing Pages”).

The landing page must convince the visitor to stay in the first two or three seconds before he or she quickly moves on.  A landing page should be designed not only for first impression, but specifically for lead generation, branding and education and, ultimately, to generate sales for your company.  The landing page must focus on the benefits to the reader, not the features of the presenter.  This often-forgotten element is necessary to accommodate the point of view of the customer who is seeking to fulfill a need.  That is a pretty tall order to communicate in just those few seconds, but that is what must be done.

#3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the art and science of taking your company directly into the view of your potential customer.  SEO allows you to leverage the search engines, such as Google, for the benefit of your marketing efforts by raising your company name higher in the search results list—optimally to the number one position.  This practice is called search engine optimization.  Without the SEO efforts, all the great work done on your website may be invisible to the very person you need to present it to.  A rather complicated process briefly described, SEO efforts concentrate on the search terms your potential customer is likely to use and optimizes your site for those terms.  Strong SEO skills require good creativity coupled with high attention to detail.  It is an area of web marketing that Thrive Marketing has developed into a specialty.

In The Company of Creative Expertise

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