Be profitable (even in a bad economy)

Is your business “top of mind” for your customers?

Chances are, the answer is “no.”

I’m guessing that your business might be like the majority of businesses I talk to…

  • Focused on the short-term bottom line.
  • Focused on generating the next transaction.
  • Customer support/experience is bare bones.

Imagine if your business…

  • Is profitable (even in a bad economy).
  • You have no competition. You rule your own category.
  • Is the automatic and only choice — your customers would rather wait than switch (think Wait Lists!)

If you want this, then there’s a shift to how you must view and operate your business…

Oh wait… you think ruling your own category and being profitable in a bad economy is [GASP] impossible?

Well, look at Apple, Whole Foods, Harley-Davidson, and USAA for inspiration…

Even a SMALL business or a Services business can achieve this shift (and it’s actually even easier for them to do this).

You might have a great marketing team or be investing a lot on marketing…

But the reason customers aren’t waiting in line to work with you or buy your products — isn’t because you’re not the best. You very well might be the best.

The reason they’re not on a wait list is: your message lacks consistency and clarity.

It might even be boring — and blends in.

At BoldImpact42, we understand why controlled messages, mass broadcasts, and transactional selling are losing their power — and why the proven, tried-and-true formulas to sell and market are losing traction.

We know how to:

  • Deal with the fact that TRUST is at an all-time low — and consumers are now more overwhelmed, rushed and interrupted than ever.
  • Get unstuck from competing on price, struggling against the competition, breaking even on campaigns, working too hard, becoming too dependent on a single campaign or tactic, or being too boring…

If you need help with this, the team and I at BoldImpact42 would love to help you. Get in touch here.


Founder of BoldImpact42

P.S. If more companies and brands knew this, they’d stop operating on the OLD model – and start looking at the NEW model — transforming their company from the inside out — to become what I call a FIREBRAND… Will you join us?