Birthing a New Identity
Birthing a New Identity

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

― Joseph Campbell

As a collective, we’re witnessing an upheaval of our current world. The ground beneath our feet feels shaky. We are in the process of seeing the old world die and we’re beginning to create the new one.

Society (and individuals alike) are looking to rebuild and recreate.

As entrepreneurs, we are also rebuilding and recreating our businesses and personal lives.

In the coming months, we (collectively and individually) are sorting out what we really love, what we truly value, and finding out who we really are. We are discovering what we’d love to do and creating the kind of life (and world) that would make our hearts sing.

The Call to Adventure

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As an entrepreneur, author, speaker or course creator, you’re hearing the Call to Adventure — you’re being called to uplevel who you are, your message, and your impact. After all, you’re the messengers of truth for this new world we are all creating — a world previously unknown to humanity. As long as we’re doing business in the old way with our old values and old tactics, these challenges are impossible to meet.

Like in the Hero’s Journey, The Call to Adventure rarely comes at a convenient time. When it goes unheeded, it can cause disruptions in your business, shake your confidence, and create havoc with life’s challenges. It’s a mysterious force that is causing you to do some deep soul searching.

Like the hero in the story, you may be reluctant to hear The Call.

Then, something shifts and you can no longer ignore it.

Ok, so you’re listening, but now what?

In every story, the next thing that happens is a Guide appears — and only when the hero is ready.

The Guide has been through this before and knows what lies ahead.

Triage for Your Business

The Guide

In this case, the Guide is like a “doula” in the birthing process — a person trained to provide advice, information, support and comfort to the hero before, during, and after the birth.

It’s a co-creative process. The doula-guide doesn’t “do it all” for the hero. The doula-guide is there every step of the way, showing the next steps and providing feedback. The hero is equally, if not more involved, in the process. After all, this is the hero’s story and creations!

The Triage Process

triage graphicThink of it as Triage— when the doula-guide prioritizes where the resources can be best used, are most needed, or are most likely to achieve success in the hero’s life and business. She and the hero look at the hero’s current identity and contribution — and then we purify both.

This doula-guide has a unique process to uncover the hero’s hidden genius and irreplaceable uniqueness — which leads to a bolder impact in the hero’s message and growth in the business.

In every story, the Guide also has some sort of superpower that helps the hero find the treasure or magic elixir he/she seeks.

In this case, the doula-guide’s superpower is that she can see others’ superpowers like X-ray vision. She’s intuition-led and a soul seer in the hero’s rebirthing. Just as a mother is gifted with a sixth sense and an ability to see through to the very soul of her child, the doula-guide helps the hero to see what is hidden from their view. She can see the hero’s throughline — the connecting theme in the hero’s life that is pushing him forward toward his or her mission on planet Earth. She can also see his or her irreplaceable uniqueness. She is gifted in providing the structure for the hero to succeed before, during and after birthing a new identity.

She also has extraordinary vision that allows her to “see in the dark” and miles into the distance to help you see what’s ahead and plot out your path.

How Triage Leads to Bold Impact

This purification process leads to greater clarity in the hero’s life and business: his/her non-negotiables, the ideal brand archetypes, customer profile, messaging, positioning, website, storytelling, videos, advertising — and this all helps the hero to have greater visibility and clarity in the marketplace.

rainbow graphic

The Proper Positioning

The purification process leads to the proper positioning. To understand this, let’s talk about how rainbows are formed and seen in a brilliant horizon-spanning arc. Rainbows form at 42 degrees — and only 42 degrees. At 39 degrees, the rainbow isn’t visible. At 51 degrees, it’s partially visible, but it quickly disappears. 42 Degrees is where the rainbow has its bold impact.

With this new positioning at 42 degrees, the hero’s message is in its purest form — clearer, more visible and arching across the sky with bold impact. Everything is in perfect alignment — who you are, what you do and what you stand for (your message).

The hero’s identity has been rebirthed and the hero has a new “anchor point” (42 degrees) from which to create everything in the hero’s business and personal life — messaging, positioning, books, podcasts, events, content, keynotes and more.

Rejuvenate + Inventions
  • Rejuvenate: Make new again; revive; awaken.
  • Invention: A product of unique intuition or genius.

rejuventions logo

Here’s how it works:

The doula guide (me, Christie Turley) and the hero (you) have a series of conversations about you, your brand and your results, as we triage the elements of your business.

During a series of Rejüventions™ Sessions, we unpack:

  • Your hidden genius and irreplaceable uniqueness - your personal 42° Soul Alignment
  • Your Ideal Brand Archetypes
  • Your Signature Story
  • Your Thematic Throughline — the theme running through your life, mission, purpose and business
  • Your unique messaging & positioning
  • An action plan to move you forward in your mission

You and I will have some amazing “Eureka” moments during this process — and have a roadmap of your next steps after we’re done with the birthing process.

Like birthing any new invention, the process can be messy.  It can be highly emotional as you remember parts of yourself and your business that you have cast aside.  You may have performed metaphorical plastic surgery on some of these parts of you or your business — and during your Rejüventions, you may come to realize that those were botched attempts. The true beauty was underneath the whole time, just not seen in the right light. 

This Triage process is called Rejüventions™ — a combination of two words:
Here’s what I can promise you:

Everyone I work with has a breakthrough.

Most everyone I work with releases emotions at some time during a session or during their “on their own” time. This is totally normal and part of the transformation of letting go of the “life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us,” as Joseph Campbell said.

And everyone I work with is forever changed after their Rejüventions - their life, their business, their income and their impact.

This is not a quick fix to get your business to make more money. This is a transformative process to amplify your income and impact exponentially (not linearly) over the long-term.

Three Options to Work Together
  1. Rejüventions™ Day on-site in the Rocky Mountains with sessions before and after.
  2. Rejüventions™ One-on-One Consulting during 4 weeks.
  3. Rejüventions™ Group Coaching during 4 weeks.

Option 1 – Rejüventions Day 

We work together during the course of approximately four weeks.  Before and after your 9-hour Rejüventions™ Day, you will have a session approximately one week before and about three weeks after. We also have contact between meetings via Whatsapp, so you are totally supported.  Lunch is provided, but airfare and accommodations aren’t included in the Rejüventions™ Day. 

Option 2 + 3 – Rejüventions™ One-on-One Consulting or Group Coaching

We work together during the course of four weeks, with interaction between sessions. Each of our three sessions is approximately two hours long. You will also have “on your own” time to reflect and respond to writing prompts I give you. This “on your own” time can be as little as one hour per week to three hours per week between sessions.  To make the most of our time together, I will review your writing prior to each Rejüventions Session.  

The Group version of Rejüventions starts each time I fill five slots.

Christie Turley

  • 20-year Communication Strategist & Brand Innovator for thousands of entrepreneurs with businesses big and small, public and private.
  • Successful entrepreneur in buying, selling and/or streamlining eight of my own businesses, including a strategic marketing and communications firm.
  • Proven success selling over $3 billion dollars cumulative in products and services for my clients.

I help businesses innovate their positioning and messaging and strategically communicate.
I’ve helped my clients make anywhere from $1,000’s to $1M-plus in a matter of weeks.

Yes, I will be there for you. I’ll guide you through your Rejüventions, give you actionable advice as well as support. I will keep everything we discuss confidential. You will also have access to me Monday through Friday during our time together via Whatsapp voice and text messages (for groups, access is through a Whatsapp Group and one-on-one work is totally private and only goes to me).

Click here to enroll and pay the investment (payment plans are available). After that, I will send you our first steps via email.

Rejüventions™ Day
One-on-One Consulting
Group Coaching


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

― Albert Einstein

Christie Turley and her team at BoldImpact42 bring the nimble, innovative start-up mentality into every project they work on, whether it’s a personal brand or a worldwide enterprise.




The Marketing Multiplier

We multiply marketing efforts through innovation and positioning that break the mold, create an impact in the world and deliver even higher profits.


We help entrepreneurs REALIGN their purpose with their brand, REINVENT their marketing and REPOSITION their message to multiply their profits and scale their impact.


Every “marketing problem” is actually a positioning problem. Your positioning is central to everything in your business. It’s the big idea, the hidden genius, the irreplaceable uniqueness, the passionate why and the reason for existing.

When you effectively stand out (and not in a shouty sort of way), you "own" a position in the prospect's mind - resulting in more impact, income and influence.


Next, we innovate. We look at what can be re-framed, refined or removed to clarify your marketing and purify your message. We prioritize where resources can be best used and are most likely to achieve the desired results.

It’s the little tweaks, the outside-the-box ideas, the simple but innovative changes— that will transform your whole business.


We multiply marketing efforts through innovation and positioning that break the mold, create an impact in the world and deliver even higher profits. Imagine your brand can command premium prices, which boosts your profitability… You’re attracting new customers at a higher rate than you did previously. You’re actively receiving referrals, testimonials and reviews from your ideal customers (and you have Wait Lists!).