Doubling Sales is within reach with Marketing Automation


Getting your marketing to keep its best foot forward
There’s no question about it—the economy is tough.  However, as we discussed in last month’s article, a business can still thrive in downtimes.  In fact, ThriveMarketing can help you double your sales with some creative marketing automation and some inside knowledge that can make your website a more effective selling toolYou can be more efficient at what you do.  Here we are, one month later and, you maybe missed a month of improved sales.

Since most Americans like us are not in line for a billion-dollar government handout, we must push ahead and keep ourselves in the winners’ circle when it comes to making money in a downturned economy.  Now, more than ever, it is important not to miss an opportunity due to lack of follow-up on a sales contact.

Automating your follow-up

Are you being as efficient with your prospect follow-up as you should be?  Much of the time, the more you try and make your business grow, the less time you have to enjoy life which is why you wanted to be your own boss, right?  We can help.  Many of the repetitive tasks that eat up your time can be automated.

Not only does that provide you with more time for growth and leisure pleasure, it also provides you with more income per hours spent.

One customer in recent months who used the automated marketing systems reported that they MORE than doubled their sales units within three months and unit value was up of over 16% due to up-selling in the website shopping cart.

Tweaking your website to work harder for you

After setting some of the most time-consuming tasks on automated marketing systems, a review of their site revealed it was not working as hard as it should be.  That’s true with all of us who are going as fast as we can—something has to be a lower priority.  Often it is the website.  Here are a few things that we would expect the website to be doing, automatically, that were not happening in this case.

  • Capture leads from the website
  • Segment the leads
  • Promote products with follow-up marketing sequences
  • Us a referral system to sell more products
  • Upsell products on the website.

Is your website doing these things for you?  If you are not sure whether your website could work harder for you, give ThriveMarketing a chance to go through it with you to be sure.

If you had any doubts about the reality of really being able to prosper in a downturned economy, this is proof that not only is it possible to work smarter and improve your return, but if you plan it right and use the right tools, it is almost assured.

With more selling time, improve your presentation

Here’s a thought for improving your presentation to your leads when you make an initial contact.  Have you ever thought about writing a short commercial for yourself?  Actually, this is a practice with résumé development.  Not only is it an excellent and succinct way to present yourself, it forces you to organize your thoughts around what you do, what you represent, and who you are to your client.

First, develop a short statement about your strengths and attributes.  Second, you should be able to memorize it and be able to say it (without sounding memorized) in about thirty seconds. The real beauty of it is that you will be able to use it both as an introduction and response to the question of “Tell me a little bit about yourself.”

Add your half-minute commercial to your brochures and introductory selling material.  However, developing a concise and articulate statement is a great way to begin gathering your thoughts around who you are and why you are qualified.

Trust that this is no easy task and that it will take some thought, some note taking and several rounds of editing before you get it the way you want it.  Have another person read it and provide feedback on whether it suits you or not.  If you think this is an easy exercise, watch how tongue-tied you get when you start talking about yourself, but it is well worth the effort.

Yes, the economy is the pits again this year.  Things are not going to look much better for a long time so give us a call and let us help you accomplish your goals.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Quoting the Lords of Kobol (Battlestar Gallactica) “Everything that happens, has happened before and will happen again.”  So, don’t be surprised when it does.  Just be better prepared.