Breathe life and innovation into your presence.

Founder, BoldImpact42

Why Our Name is BoldImpact42

We magnify the BOLD messages of those who desire to create a huge IMPACT in the world. As we see it, while you’re on this planet, you have 2 choices:

  1. Change Your World
  2. Change The World
This can be done in 4 steps:
  • Get Clarity

    Get clarity on your mission, values, purpose and intentions — and reframe who you think you’re supposed to be into who you actually are. Who you actually are is always much bigger than what you thought you were supposed to be.

  • Innovate

    Innovate. Large enterprises can teach us critical and invaluable lessons about re-invention. Evolve your brand to scale your influence.

  • Influence

    Breathe life into your creations and expand your presence through books, podcasts, masterclasses, speaking, promotions and publicity.

  • Structure

    Structure your offers, pricing and business model for maximum impact.

In addition to the 4 steps and the 2 choices, apparently 42 is the supreme number in Universe:


The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is... 42!

― Douglas Adams, Author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The novelist might have been right! Here are some other interesting facts about the number 42:

  • The most valuable book in the world, the Gutenberg Bible, has 42 lines per page.
  • The game of Cricket has 42 laws.
  • On page 42 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry discovers he’s a wizard.
  • Buzz Lightyear, the Toy Story star, has a spaceship named 42.
  • The Doctor Who episode entitled “42” lasts for 42 minutes.
  • A marathon course is 42 kilometers long.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest elected president of the United States at 42 years old.
  • Fox Mulder’s apartment in the TV show X Files was number 42.
  • There are 42 US gallons in a barrel of oil.
  • There are 42 principles in the Ancient Egyptian law of Ma’at, the physical and moral law of order and truth.
  • Rainbows are visible only at 42 degrees between the light and the observer. This is the deeper meaning behind why we chose the number 42 -- and it's all related to your visibility online (and off).

Speaking of numbers, here are some more that represent our company besides the amazing number 42...

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When you combine two elements to make a new one, that's Alchemy. That's Innovation.

Founder, BoldImpact42

Our 6 Guiding Pillars:

Pillar 1: Mindset Changes Everything

Eighty percent or more of business success comes from reframes made here. This is what inspired our founder's podcast, Mind Muse Podcast available on iTunes.

  • Rewire Your Brain

    Using neuroscience and energy work, we can discover hidden blocks and clear away any beliefs about you, your work and your message that may have held you back from upleveling your business.

  • Replace False Limiting Beliefs

    You are currently running on an operating system (subconscious mind) that runs the programs (habits, behaviors) of your conscious mind. This determines the results you see in the physical world. If you haven’t reached your results, you may have some blocks and are in need of an upgrade to your operating system.

Pillar 2: Grow Exponentially, not Linearly

As humans we naturally think linearly, but the world is changing exponentially…

Linear growth is a step-by-step straight path from here to there.

With exponential growth, you’re taking those same steps, and each step is a doubling of the step before. For example, Jay Abraham is famous for saying:

There are just three ways to grow a business:

Increase the number of customers.

Increase the average transaction value per customer.

Increase the number of transactions per customer.

Most businesses only concentrate on the first step. They have a high churn rate and they invest more into marketing than companies that also focus on the other areas. The beauty of mastering the three ways to grow your business is that they compound on one another.

Double each metric (very achievable in our experience) and you reap a gain that looks like this:

2x2x2 = 8 fold increase in revenue


And we believe EXPONENTIAL businesses can do even better, so we’ve altered the saying:

"There are just three ways to grow an EXPONENTIAL business:

Increase the number of customers referring new customers.

Increase the customer experience you offer to earn a premium price.

Increase the customer connection to create more reasons to buy from you, again and again."


- Founder, BoldImpact42

4 Main Pathways to Growth:

We believe there are 4 main pathways to Exponential growth. Your chosen pathway depends on your goals and where you are now, and can change over time:

  1. Expand into new markets and channels with existing products & services.
  2. Saturate and grow market share with existing products & services in existing markets.
  3. Launch new products in existing markets.
  4. Innovate and re-imagine your brand by adding new products and services into new markets.

Pillar 3: Innovation is Your New Competitive Advantage

Innovation is your new competitive advantage.

...just like near-failures have become insanely popular inventions.


Like the bicycle.

Throughout the 1800’s, the bicycle was constantly tweaked until it gained popularity. Bicycling started out as an athletic man’s sport -- and then became accessible to women, children and non-athletes. All because the new “safety bicycle” answered what the untapped customers wanted: safety, speed, comfort and steering.


Or Play-Doh.

It was originally a goo used to remove soot off wallpaper, but once gas and electric heating came, it looked like the product was no longer needed. Until the inventor’s sister-in-law (a teacher) told him to add some color to it and offer it to kids. Play-Doh began.


And then there's Instagram.

It started as an app called “Burbn,” a mobile app that allowed users to check in at a particular location, earn points for hanging out with friends, and post pictures of the meet-ups. But users only wanted to share their photos. So they simplified and Instagram was born.


It’s the little tweaks, the outside-the-box ideas, the simple but innovative changes- that will transform your whole business.

Let’s play, “would you rather”...

A) Fail at innovation 9 times, and on the 10th attempt be so successful that the ripple effect is immeasurable (your life, your business, your customers’ lives all transform completely)...

B) Play it safe and make a respectable income and impact, but know that you didn't come close to fulfilling your life's mission and purpose.


Your Eureka Moment

Your Eureka moment won’t likely happen within ten feet of your desk. If you’re looking for new ideas, look for them in other industries or from an outsider.

Seeking an outsider is a great way to spark new ideas… an outsider willing to reinvent the familiar path. An outsider who has experience working (at a deep level) with 2,000+ businesses, 60+ industries and 500+ business models - to bring fresh perspectives and bold ideas and put them together in a new way (that’s innovation). And I’d love to help you. Request a Clarity Call.

Our favorite projects are to help create turnarounds and re-inventions, by finding the small change that will affect 99% of a business. We help you with all elements of your Strategic Breakthrough — a REBIRTH of your brand, voice, website, messaging, positioning, authority and more.

Read "Birthing a New Identity"

Pillar 4: Use Brain-Friendly Marketing Ethically

Want your marketing to work even better?

Then start speaking the language of the brain.

When you add neuroscience into your marketing, you can expect that messages, visuals and marketing will more easily penetrate the minds of your customers.

But be warned, this is so powerful that it MUST be used in an ethical way. That’s why (without exception), all BoldImpact42 clients must have a true Noble Cause OR have a true desire to create one with our help (see the Noble Cause pillar).

In our experience, Brain-Friendly marketing is an awareness and blending of these four main areas:

Breadth of Capabilities

Since learning is a key part of the buying process, your marketing must communicate to ALL four buying styles and address the mental triggers of each learning style. Most companies only speak to one buying style in their marketing, and so you have probably been alienating ¾ of your potential customers! When you adapt your marketing to incorporate ALL four buying styles, you will attract more people to your brand and they will understand you quickly. Plainly stated, you will sell more products and services - and impact more people.

Results are Measured

Heart triggers are the most fascinating to us because it has been scientifically proven through the work of pioneer neurocardiologist, Dr. J. Andrew Armour that humans have a “heart brain,” a complex and intrinsic nervous system that is a brain in the heart. They have found that there are thousands of neuroreceptors in the heart passing information to the brain in ways that greatly affect how we perceive and react to the world around us. In other words, heart intelligence is really the source of emotional intelligence. So if you think mental triggers and buying styles is powerful, the heart triggers have even better potential impact to get you into the hearts and minds of your prospects and customers.

Cost-Effective, To-the-Point Solutions

Cognitive biases heavily affect your customers’ decision making, for better or worse. One example of a cognitive bias is the Bandwagon Effect. It states that the probability of one person adopting a belief will increase based upon the number of people who hold that belief. This is a form of groupthink and is why most meetings are non-productive (by the way, to hold a very productive meeting, see our founder Christie Turley’s article in Fast Company). We put these cognitive biases to your advantage so you can influence more people and help transform more lives.

Senior Level Experience

Based on the work of Abraham Maslov and Milton Erickson, and later used by Tony Robbins in his mentoring programs, the 6 Human Needs approach can inspire people to action. Each person is primarily driven by one of these needs, which affects the decisions and actions they take. When we incorporate ALL 6 human needs into brand positioning, messaging and marketing -- just like ALL 4 learning styles -- MORE people who have different needs and learning styles will take action with our marketing.

The 6 Human Needs are:
  • Certainty - The person is striving to experience comfort and gain certainty in life in order to minimize the stress of uncertainty.
  • Uncertainty - The person is striving for a little variety and uncertainty in life to relieve boredom, predictability and stagnation.
  • Significance - The person is striving to gain a sense of significance and importance in the eyes of others. They need a sense of identity.
  • Connection - The person is striving to make deep connections with people. They have a need to love and be loved by others - and to belong.
  • Growth - The person is striving to learn, experience and grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a variety of ways throughout their life.
  • Contribution - The person is striving to contribute to something greater than themselves. They are all about adding value to other people’s lives.
The higher you go on the scale to help your customers, the more you can command premium prices and the more attractive your brand.

Pillar 5: Have a Holistic Perspective

If you’re looking at your marketing in isolated pieces, it can appear to be something it’s not.

And that means you could spend money and time trying to fix something that isn’t broken…

Or worse, you could be unaware of an issue and suffer consequences that could be avoided…

When you look at marketing in segments rather than the whole, it’s similar to looking at a pyramid and seeing only two sides.


Each side of the pyramid represent dimensions of marketing:

△ Products
△ Price
△ Place
△ Promotion

But here’s the interesting fact about pyramids…

When you can achieve a perspective from above, you can see all 4 sides at the SAME time.

This is seeing your marketing in perspective - from a HOLISTIC perspective.


And you’ll also see the 5th side, the pyramid’s Capstone...

Which is the 5th P -- Positioning.

It’s such a small thing, really. The Capstone is so small in comparison to the other sides. But it’s that 5th P that cuts across the other 4 P’s, and deeply influences them.

This cannot be understated:

The right Positioning has the power to transform lives and bottom lines... provided it’s powerful, provocative, precise, pure and pertinent.


Positioning is the secret sauce that will separate you from the noise - and get your campaign noticed and heard.

Founder, BoldImpact42

Want to change lives for the better?

Then it starts with showing clients you care by following the Golden Rule: market how you want to be marketed to. And when your message is clear, then it unlocks the doorway to create movements that reach more people, spreading a huge ripple effect in this world.

How many people (and dollars) have you lost because they didn’t understand (quickly) what you did?

Request a Clarity Call.

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Pillar 6: A Noble Cause is Responsible, On-Trend and Profitable


Over 20 years, our founder Christie Turley has started 8 of her own businesses - in addition to helping 1000s of other businesses grow -- for one big reason: to create a huge positive impact in the world.

But when she took a life-changing trip with her husband to Haiti to build houses and feed orphans with a group of other entrepreneurs, she came away with three new transformational beliefs:

  1. That she (like you) can create a huge impact, no matter what type of business is owned.
  2. The more money made in the business, the more positive change can be made in the world.
  3. And, the more she helps businesses (like yours) who have a noble cause, the bigger the ripple effect of change in the world.
And it turns out that she discovered something else…
There’s a HUGE trend in the US - and all over the world.
This is exactly why we have one huge rule when working with clients:

We only work with companies who have a noble cause in place, or want to put one in place with our help. And the Noble Cause needs to be done in a deep, meaningful way (not a superficial way just to help make more profits). Because whether you realize it or not, people can sniff right through what’s in alignment and what’s not!

Christie Turley & Our Clients Have Been Featured In:

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The Marketing Multiplier

We multiply marketing efforts through innovation and positioning that break the mold, create an impact in the world and deliver even higher profits.


We help entrepreneurs REALIGN their purpose with their brand, REINVENT their marketing and REPOSITION their message to multiply their profits and scale their impact.


Every “marketing problem” is actually a positioning problem. Your positioning is central to everything in your business. It’s the big idea, the hidden genius, the irreplaceable uniqueness, the passionate why and the reason for existing.

When you effectively stand out (and not in a shouty sort of way), you "own" a position in the prospect's mind - resulting in more impact, income and influence.


Next, we innovate. We look at what can be re-framed, refined or removed to clarify your marketing and purify your message. We prioritize where resources can be best used and are most likely to achieve the desired results.

It’s the little tweaks, the outside-the-box ideas, the simple but innovative changes— that will transform your whole business.


We multiply marketing efforts through innovation and positioning that break the mold, create an impact in the world and deliver even higher profits. Imagine your brand can command premium prices, which boosts your profitability… You’re attracting new customers at a higher rate than you did previously. You’re actively receiving referrals, testimonials and reviews from your ideal customers (and you have Wait Lists!).

To-The-Point Results

The philosophy about how a consultancy approaches a client tells a lot about the work and results they will produce.

Award-Winning Campaigns

BoldImpact42 has won a number of awardsover the years, including awards from the American Marketing Association (AMA):

  • Integrated Marketing Campaign: New Product
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign: Existing Service
  • Infographics
  • New Product/Service Campaign
  • Existing Product/Service
  • Campaign Web Advertising
  • Creative Packaging
  • Award for Excellence
  • Printed Collateral

Get Clarity

Since we started over 16 years ago, we've maintained a boutique, high-touch approach to working with our clients. Because of this, we work with a limited number of clients one-on-one to amplify and innovate their brand, message and business into one that has bold impact. To learn more, request a Clarity Call here.

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