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Before applying to be a guest on The Mind Muse Podcast, please click below to review our required guidelines for podcast guest pitches.
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Podcast Guidelines

I love hosting high-impact conversations that help create a transformation for the listener. It's important to be sure you (or your client) are a good match, so BEFORE pitching please make sure you (or your client) fit within the following guidelines:

  • The Mind Muse Podcast is about the inner game of business. We are looking for powerful personal narratives, stories and ideas related to innovation, creativity, mindset, universal principles, energy work, meditation, personal growth, quantum science, and any other life-enhancing practice -- and how those relate to business success.
  • While we are happy to discuss "creations" of our guests (books, programs, businesses, etc.) as part of the conversation, this is not the sole focus. We don't do pure product or business reviews.
We record remotely via Zoom (with very rare exceptions) and thus all guests must ensure preparedness with these requirements:
  • A Zoom account (must be updated to the latest version prior to the interview)
  • A decent and clean background because we'll shoot with video for social content (use a virtual background if you can't find a good location)
  • Good front lighting (again, we're shooting video)
  • High-speed internet access (wired internet connection is preferred)
  • Headphones (optional)
  • A microphone (built-in is okay)
  • A web camera (built-in is okay)
  • Access to a quiet room (please silence/power off all gadgets & desktop notifications and bells)
Pitches that do not fall within these guidelines AND provide all required info will not be considered. We look forward to hearing from you!
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When you combine two elements to make a new one, that's Alchemy. That's Innovation.

Founder, BoldImpact42
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If you’re looking for the catalyst that can bring your next million dollar idea, join communication strategist Christie Turley, who has sparked innovation in a wide variety of multimillion-dollar companies around the world. She’s found that it’s the little tweaks, the outside-the-box ideas, and the simple but innovative changes to your inner world — that will transform your whole life.
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