Baby Boomer Health Services

A franchisee that markets hearing aids to Baby Boomers needed a way to increase sales and came to BoldImpact42 for help. We executed a franchise marketing campaign that utilized a somewhat unusual approach. Knowing that this generation loves to read and is willing to invest the time to research a product, we produced a long-form sales letter that told the compelling story of how a father’s love for his daughter spurred him to create a hearing aid with the most advanced technology available.

For an investment of just $1,000, the franchisee generate revenue of over $30,000 in just two weeks. This result far exceeded any campaign the corporate franchisor had ever executed. What’s more, this revenue was generated from just one of many lists available to the company, so the sales letter is a resource that has had tremendous ongoing value. We also created web-based campaigns for the client, but our awareness of the target market’s preferences and willingness to do something a little counterintuitive generated the big payoff.

Want to Get Clarity?

"Christie and the team at Thrive Marketing have helped us not only identify new lead sources, but also how we can then turn those leads into new revenue sources. Our pipeline of leads increased by more than 100% as a result of their analysis and a few tweaks to how we were doing things....

...I hope you know how very much I appreciate working with you. You have done amazing things to help us turn around, and in many cases, start marketing efforts that are helping us turn NSA in a new direction. I appreciate your ideas, thoughts, and implementation of so many things...about this business to make it run more effectively. Here's to another year of doing great things for NSA!!!  With tons of gratitude..."


Stacy T

CEO, National Speakers Association