Custom Yacht Builder

After 40 years in business, a major recession hit and suddenly traditional marketing wasn’t working anymore. That’s when this custom yacht builder turned to BoldImpact42 to create a unique website and innovative digital marketing campaigns to keep in touch with prospects, yacht owners and brokers.

The first integrated campaign resulted in a revitalized brand and renewed interest from potential and past buyers of yachts at the Miami Yacht and Brokerage show in Miami. Hargrave also enjoyed increased organic traffic from search engines, including #1 rankings and Top 5 rankings for competitive keywords using SEO best practices. Those #1 rankings hold their positions today even after five years and with so many other websites suffering consequences of Google’s algorithmic changes.

Want to Get Clarity?

"I hired Christie and BoldImpact42 to direct the transition of our marketing operations to the internet. Everything she told me from day one was correct, everything she said she was going to do she did, everything she promised happened exactly the way she promised it would. A very rare person in the world of business - she has the creative skills to capture the core message and the passion for detail to make it happen."


Mike J

CEO, Hargrave Custom Yachts