HR Professional Services Company

This local HR professional services company in the B2B space needed to increase their web traffic and grow their prospect database when they approached BoldImpact42. With just 1,000 names on their email list and only 1,000 website visitors per month, they had very little to work with as they tried to grow the business. What’s more, they weren’t doing any type of content marketing to entice people to engage with them.

To get a better understanding of the key issues in their market, we did some pay-per-click advertising and analyzed the results. Using the high-performing keywords we discovered in the process, we performed search engine optimization (SEO) on their web content. We also created a number of free reports on topics like “Three HR Mistakes You Are Making Now and What to do About Them” to generate traffic. One piece, a free performance review template, resulted in the collection of 24,000 new email addresses. Our work with them ultimately grew their prospect database to more than 26,000 names, increased web traffic by 15 times and took their conversion rate from 1.94% to more than 11%.

Want to Get Clarity?

"BoldImpact42 is great at taking [their] expertise in marketing and explaining how each decision we make affects the other areas of our marketing plan. The product we have is solid, productive and successful. I come back to [BoldImpact42] every month because of the success we are having, but more because we can communicate honestly about every step and I understand where I am going."


Aaron W.

CEO, Human Resources Company