Professional Speaker & Sales Trainer

For professional speakers, consultants and others who spend a significant amount of time on the road, a revenue stream that doesn’t require travel is a beautiful thing. This professional speaker and sales trainer had a successful business that involved onsite training sessions for large corporations. Over time, he had developed a fairly large database of prospects, but had not found a way to monetize it. He approached BoldImpact42 for help.

Within 30 days we had devised a strategy around an hour-long webinar that could be watched live for one fee, or viewed as a recording for a smaller fee. Hitting the right price point was critical, as salespeople know they need high quality training but it has to be cost effective. His first webinar was a tremendous success, bringing in more than $6,000 in revenue, and things got even better from there with his second achieving nearly $9,000 in revenue. We handled all aspects of the promotion of his webinars, as well as post-sale communication and fulfillment. While the client still does onsite training, he now has a reliable six-figure revenue stream he can call up at any time.

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"The best remote workshop ever from both attendance and revenue – couldn’t have done it without you! You ability to brainstorm in a collaborative fashion and then FOCUS on getting the plan implemented is awesome."



Professional Speaker
and Sales Trainer