Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Boys

Our strategy for this school for troubled boys initially focused on increasing the organization’s ranking both in organic search and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. We needed to ensure that parents or guardians looking for help could find the school easily, and their prior marketing firm had been unable to produce good results.

Within three months, we had helped them increase web traffic by 400% and qualified leads by 500%, while concurrently lowering their PPC spend on competitive keywords by 90% thanks to a greatly improved organic ranking. Getting more people to the site was not enough, however. Using our knowledge of customer psychology and website analytics, we were able to help them increase their conversion rate and turn more traffic into leads. From there we used an engaging and educational drip marketing campaign to inform parents about available services, costs, etc. so that a follow-up call from a sales rep was more productive.

Want to Get Clarity?

"Christie and the team at Thrive Marketing have helped us not only identify new lead sources, but also how we can then turn those leads into new revenue sources. Our pipeline of leads increased by more than 100% as a result of their analysis and a few tweaks to how we were doing things....

...I hope you know how very much I appreciate working with you. You have done amazing things to help us turn around, and in many cases, start marketing efforts that are helping us turn NSA in a new direction. I appreciate your ideas, thoughts, and implementation of so many things...about this business to make it run more effectively. Here's to another year of doing great things for NSA!!!  With tons of gratitude..."


Stacy T

CEO, National Speakers Association