Trade Association for Professional Speakers

National Speakers Association (NSA) was an organization facing tough times when they came to BoldImpact42 for help. Working from a small prospect database of 2,000 names, they were averaging just a few new leads each day through their website. What’s worse, existing members were not renewing, so they were actually experiencing a net loss in membership.

A comprehensive overhaul of their marketing strategy started with an update to their website that included lead capture forms. Then some enticing special offers drew more traffic to the website, as did small-but-successful Facebook and YouTube campaigns where as little as $1,000 in spend brought in as much as $80,000 in revenue. As their prospect database grew, so did its revenue opportunities. In one case, the organization generated more than $250,000 in event pre-registration fees in just two days.

Since we began working with them, web traffic has tripled, conversion rate has increased tenfold, leads have grown 6X, sales have increased by 33% and memberships have gone from a net loss of as much as 10% to a gain of 10%. An annual convention that barely reached 1,000 attendees in the past is now at a healthy 1,500 attendees, and that doesn’t include another 600 who watch via livestream, which was free in the past but will be a new revenue stream going forward. Our work with this company was also the winner of an AMA Spectrum Award in the Integrated Campaign category.

Want to Get Clarity?

"Christie and the team at BoldImpact42 have helped us not only identify new lead sources, but also how we can then turn those leads into new revenue sources. Our pipeline of leads increased by more than 100% as a result of their analysis and a few tweaks to how we were doing things....

...I hope you know how very much I appreciate working with you. You have done amazing things to help us turn around, and in many cases, start marketing efforts that are helping us turn NSA in a new direction. I appreciate your ideas, thoughts, and implementation of so many things...about this business to make it run more effectively. Here's to another year of doing great things for NSA!!!  With tons of gratitude..."


Stacy T

CEO, National Speakers Association