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When you combine two elements to make a new one, that's Alchemy. That's Innovation.

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We magnify the BOLD messages of those who desire to create a huge IMPACT in the world.
We help you innovate the following elements of your business:


Eighty percent or more of business success comes from reframes made here. This is what inspired our founder's podcast, Mind Muse Podcast available on iTunes.

  • Rewire Your Brain

    Using neuroscience, graphology and applied kinesiology, we can discover hidden blocks and clear away any beliefs about you, your work and your message that may have held you back from upleveling your business.

  • Replace False Limiting Beliefs

    You are currently running on an operating system (subconscious mind) that runs the programs (habits, behaviors) of your conscious mind. This determines the results you see in the physical world. If you haven't reached your results, you may have some blocks and are in need of an upgrade to your operating system.

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Reinvent your business into one that reflects who you are and aligns to your mission.
  • Offers

    The fastest way to transform your business is to look at the areas closest to the exchange of money -- your offers. By rethinking your offers (the what, the why and the how), we can innovate for better results.

  • Products and Services

    Whether you market to businesses or consumers, we look at the "product-market fit" to discover opportunities to better align your products or services to the needs of your audience. Together, we determine what to remove, add and/or refine, so your audience places a higher value on them.

  • List Building

    We review your lead magnets and all of the current ways you're growing different types of lists: email address, mailing address, retargeting pixels and social followings. Attracting the right people to you is a mix of gaining a deeper connection with your ideal customer's psychology, inventing creative ways to solve their problems, and frictionless technology.



Refine your positioning to grow your audience and influence them on a deeper level.
  • Voice

    If you've been listening to too many voices (your industry, mastermind, colleagues), you may have drowned out your signature voice inadvertently. Your voice is as unique as your DNA. Together, we'll find it and restore it.

  • Branding

    When you align your colors, fonts, imagery, graphics and content to your audience, you can increase desire for your products and services, create a higher perceived value, and command a premium price in the marketplace.

  • Content

    How crystal clear is your messaging? Brands that lack clarity in their content give their prospective customers ADD. They bounce from topic to topic and forget why they came to you -- and they go and find someone else instead. Your stories, social media posts, website content and email messages must be tied together with a golden string.


Monetize your message through building your authority and amplifying your influence with:
  • Authority

    No one likes to admit it, but the number of followers you have on social media build your authority. A person with thousands of followers is much more believable than someone with hundreds. Using organic and paid methods, we can help you attract thousands of your ideal customers to your profiles.

  • Messages

    We write and publish on-brand messages to your social profiles, email list, website and landing pages.

  • Outbound Marketing

    Once you have a uniquely positioned message, we can help you scale your influence with outbound marketing: from advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, to lead generation campaigns and ecommerce sales. We handle the entire process from ads to conversions on your website and landing pages.

  • Video Scripting

    Video is the fastest way to influence your customers. Whether it's a 30-second video ad or a 30-minute sales video, we have extensive experience writing thought-provoking, high-impact video scripts.

  • Podcasting

    Podcasting is one of the best ways to reach larger audiences and allow people to get to know, like and trust you quickly. We can help you find guests for your podcast -- and help you become a guest on others' podcasts. If you haven't started a podcast, we can help you conceive your big idea for your podcast and produce your podcast.

  • Speaking

    Whether it's helping you develop your signature talk, land a TEDx stage or get on others' stages, we can help you amplify your message.

  • Course Curriculum Design

    We design an experience that supports different adult learning styles and organizes your content in a way that accelerates learning.

  • Book Publishing

    We help you outline your book, so each chapter can be a standalone piece of content, lending itself to creating courses and offers. We also help you create a book proposal, find a publisher and follow our process to writing a book in 21 days.

  • Website Development

    We have 16 years of experience designing and developing high-converting websites in various coding languages and platforms (yes, including Wordpress).


Get Clarity

Since we started over 15 years ago, we've maintained a boutique, high-touch approach to working with our clients. Because of this, we work with a limited number of clients one-on-one to reinvent their brand, message and business into one that has bold impact. To learn more, request a Clarity Call here.

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If you’re looking for the catalyst that can bring your next million dollar idea, join communication strategist Christie Turley, who has sparked innovation in a wide variety of multimillion-dollar companies around the world. She’s found that it’s the little tweaks, the outside-the-box ideas, and the simple but innovative changes to your inner world — that will transform your whole life.
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