Email Marketing

Retain more customers.

Emailing your customers and keeping them informed is the most effective way of boosting customer retention and increasing sales (Forrester Research).

We create email marketing campaigns that:

  1. Form a relationship, a one-on-one dialogue, instead of a mass broadcast.
  2. Offer valuable content and information, rather than simply pushing products.
  3. Encourage customers to visit your website again and buy your product. View who clicked on your email and retarget them with a personalized message.

While getting people to subscribe is the first step, you must also stay in contact with your clients at least monthly.

  • Statistics show that it takes six to seven contacts before you can turn a prospect into a customer. Those contacts can be expensive and time consuming unless you are using email marketing.
  • It’s 6 times more cost effective to market and make a sale to an existing customer than to go find a new one.

Marketing Automation – Email marketing can also be automated. Learn more.