Small Ad Agencies and Marketing Firms – Bigger Isn’t Better

According to April’s issue of Marketing News:

bigger isn't betterMore than half (52%) of CMO’s believe that traditional, large ad agencies can’t meet online marketing needs, and nearly half (49%) believe they have difficulty thinking beyond traditional print and TV models.”

Hiring a Bigger Marketing Agency Isn’t Better.

If executives at large multi-million dollar companies believe this, we can only surmise that small business owners and managers feel the same way.

The study went on to say, “Most marketing execs strongly prefer blended firms with roots in technology that can offer creative and traditional print proficiency and online expertise. Even more (68%) prefer to work with multiple agencies in order to benefit from specialization.”

Thrive Marketing is a full-service marketing  firm with strong expertise in online strategies: website design, search engine optimization, email marketing and conversion strategies. We also offer traditional marketing, including brand identity, and copywriting.

6 Factors for Choosing a Marketing Firm

The six most important factors to a CMO or Business Owner when choosing a marketing partner are (in order of importance to aggregate respondents):

  1. Quality of creative content
  2. Innovation and strategic value
  3. Price/cost
  4. Sophisticated analytics and measurement systems
  5. Proficiency in emerging, interactive or digital media
  6. Traditional print, offline and media buying services

Source: Michael Fielding, Marketing News, American Marketing Association, April 1, 2007

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