“White Space” is just as important as the graphics and the copy

If you ever had the chance to work in an advertising agency where the copywriters and graphic designers slave away at creating the right combination for your print advertisement, you would likely hear the phrase: “Make more white space!” What does it mean? Why would art and copy people want less art and copy by providing more white space? It … Read More

Are Your Testimonials Really Working Hard Enough?

Why Aren’t Testimonials More Believable? Why don’t testimonials work harder at convincing new customers to follow their experience? After all, they represent the experience of one who has already been your customer. Is there something the testimonials do or don’t do that causes them to fail to communicate the great experience received from your product or service? There are actually … Read More

Are Your Headlines a Stop Sign?

What has more emotional impact on you: a stop sign or flashing red light or a green light? Which would cause the greater reaction on your part? While you are stopped, do you look around? Do you sometimes change your mind about what direction you wish to head? That is exactly what you want people to do in terms of … Read More

What the heck is a content strategy?

Developing a content strategy is a little difficult if you don’t understand what is meant by the term. A website should contain useful, usable content that informs, sells, explains, and provides support to whatever the selling premise is. Somehow it needs to be controlled so it is up-to-date and matches what is going on – not only on the company’s … Read More

A WordPress Web Designer Can Save You Money

Content Management, Vital to Search Engine Success, Done with WordPress A WordPress web designer can show you how efficiently and economically you can manage the content on your website. WordPress, like some of the brilliant software created by Microsoft or Apple, has its fans and its detractors; however, there are many more tasks made simple in WordPress where it takes … Read More

Video Search Optimizaton: Another Way to Page 1 in Google

When someone is looking for you on the internet, the favored place to be is the top of page one on the search results. Try as you may to achieve that position, it isn’t practical to expect to be there all the time. Here is one idea that can help you increase you odds. Try a video. Not just any … Read More

Social Media: Use It to Improve Your Business

Social media is a new way to market. Even though it seems like just another form of internet chatting, it really can be used as an effective marketing tool.  In fact, there are some things you cannot do through normal marketing channels that are easy to accomplish through social media sites. Here are just three ways you can use sites … Read More

White Space: nothing becomes something

Certainly the things you say in and ad convey something about your product.  What about what you don’t say? The adage “less is more” has been proven with a study by the Journal of Consumer Research. The study demonstrated that ads containing lots of white space lead customers to perceive the brand as: More prestigious More sophisticated Trustworthy Higher in … Read More

How to Leverage Social Media

This year more businesses will invest in social media than ever before.  No matter what your business goals are, using this chart (click on the graphic to make it larger), you’ll learn how to leverage social media to: communicate with customers increase brand exposure boost website traffic increase SEO effectiveness For more information about how Thrive Marketing can help you … Read More