This is the Key to a Bold and Brilliant Presence Online (and Off)

Douglas Adams was so right when he said “The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is… 42!”

And so it is with Business.

Let’s talk about the mysterious connection between 42 and your visibility online (and off).  

Rainbows form at 42° — and only 42° 

White light is a mixture of seven colors. 

When it passes through raindrops, it produces a beautiful display of colors across the horizon for all to enjoy: a rainbow. 

The radius of the arc is equal to about one-fourth of the visible sky, which is 42° (this is where the red band of light starts).

If there is rain nearby and the sun is shining, look to the part of the sky that is opposite the sun at a 42° angle from your shadow. If a rainbow is possible, that’s where it will be!

At 39°, the rainbow isn’t visible. 

At 51°, it’s partially visible, but it quickly disappears.

42° is where the rainbow has its bold impact. 

Less than 42 and it’s not visible. 

More than 42 and it quickly disappears.

It has to be exactly 42°.

The question is:

Are you that rainbow that is clear, bold, brilliant for the entire world to see? 

Are you barely visible?

Do you quickly disappear?

Refract your light at the correct angle — 42° — and you have Bold Impact and a rainbow that spans the entire sky.

At 42°, everything is in perfect alignment — who you are, what you do and what you stand for.  

The problem is, most entrepreneurs are really great at being “who they think they’re supposed to be.” They end up exhausted and burned out because they’re not being “who they actually are.”  

When they’re performing actions from the perspective of who “they think they’re supposed to be” and NOT “who they actually are,” they’re plotting out their path from that smaller version of themselves. They end up in a totally different destination and with a totally different business than they would have if they started from the perspective of “who they actually are.”

This is why their destination can seem just out of reach. They don’t ever “get there” and don’t feel fulfilled because they’ve created a path from a different perspective — something that is not 42° — the true self.  In other words, if an entrepreneur is feeling unhappy, they’re not expressing who they truly are. If they’re unfulfilled, they’re not aligned to their work. If they feel there’s something missing, it’s because there IS something missing — the true self.  

When we align to our true 42°, we can consciously create our goals and intentions and we feel joyful, happy and fulfilled as we head toward them. We have an anchor point from which to create everything — in our business and personal lives. We don’t look for answers outside of ourselves. We know it’s all found within us. Our creativity expands.  We start honoring the creations that are inside of us, ready to spring forth. We experience what Victorian age inventors must have experienced — those moments of exhilaration when we have a new invention, perspective or message take shape — all because we chose to create from a different vantage point — our true 42°.

Here’s my own personal story.

It started off innocent.  My husband and I were four years into our business.  We started to hang out on weekends with a couple who had created a multimillion dollar company.  They had nice things, took lots of trips, and while they lived in a modest 3-bedroom house, they drove a 5-series BMW.  It seemed like a really fun car to drive. “Of course, this is what we’ve been missing!” my husband and I thought. This is something that would show others, including potential clients, that we are successful.  So my husband and I started to drive a BMW. Nothing against our decision at all. By all means, drive what you want — as long as it’s from the perspective of who you actually are.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I can pinpoint exactly when I started to diverge from “who I actually am” into “who I think I’m supposed to be.”  It was this BMW. 

We went on the trips, went to the events, met all the cool people, joined the masterminds, and acted how we “thought we were supposed to be.”  

This became more complicated when I saw the rise of the internet entrepreneur unfold before my eyes from 2006-2012.  I thought I was supposed to be like Dan Kennedy… then Derek Gehl… then Ali Brown… then Jeff Walker…  

All the while, I was denying “who I actually was.” 

Well, one problem. My business looked nothing like theirs. I have a consulting company while they sell courses and masterminds.   

So I started to try to make my business like theirs… 

This didn’t work.  I realize it works for others, but did you know — no two people (even though they might be standing side-by-side) will ever see the same rainbow?  This is because the raindrops are in motion and so the appearance is constantly changing. Also, the eyes of two people can’t occupy the same space at the same time, so they’re going to be observing from slightly different angles. Each rainbow is unique, in its own way, to each observer. 

This is why some people who teach marketing are teaching from their viewpoint of the rainbow, but to someone else it’s not the right angle!

It wasn’t the right angle for me.

This is why I’m NOT a believer in “fill-in-the-blank templates” and “one-size-fits-all formulas” for success.  Yes, you can teach a process to someone, but you cannot expect to copy/paste a business model, a marketing campaign, website and email content and video scripts and expect it to work on your customers in the same way it did for someone else.  It’s not aligned to your 42°. Again, you would be acting from the perspective of how you “think you’re supposed to be” and not “who you actually are.”   

There is only ONE you.  

There are an infinite number of ways you can build your business and share your message.

There’s only ONE way that it will shine the brightest — at your own 42°.   

Christie Turley

Which way is the 42° for you? 


Founder, BoldImpact42

P.S. If you need help, I truly love this journey of personal discovery and growing a high impact business.  My company, BoldImpact42 (yes, 42), helps entrepreneurs discover “who they actually are” and help them align to their true 42° — so they can pivot to the business and message they’re here to share on this planet in the most visible, bold and impactful way. We’re here to help you ALIGN your purpose with your brand, INNOVATE your marketing and AMPLIFY your message with a heart-based Midas touch.