BoldImpact42 Client in #1 Box Office Movie in the US

Game Plan posterWhen it looks like just another day at the office, your phone rings, and the caller ID says Walt Disney, things change. That’s what happened to ThriveMarketing’s client, Class Act Tutu in May, 2006 when they were hired to create four “Butterfly” tutus for the movie, The Playbook. The Playbook ultimately became The Game Plan, released September 28, 2007 and starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The movie has now been #1 at the Box Office for 2 weeks!

After “The Rock” ruptured his Achilles tendon and filming had to be delayed, Disney requested more tutus. The costume designer was delighted with their first batch of costumes and since she now had more time, she designed a “Morning Glory” and some “Flower Faeries” to add to the collection.

Movie snapshot

The Game Plan is the story of a superstar quarterback who discovers he has a daughter he didn’t know he had. One of many misadventures the rugged, rich & famous football player has involves a ballet performance. This is where Class Act’s costumes show up on dancers from the Boston Ballet School. The first question they get asked from those who have seen the movie is, “Did you make the dog’s tutu?” No. They did not make Spike’s tutu. If only they had asked!