Video: Social Media and Online Dating

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Here’s a creative little music video that demonstrates how socializing and dating has changed since the Social Media Revolution (did you know that 1 in 8 people found love online last year?!).

The movie, He’s Just Not That Into You, also speaks to  this phenomenon of dating online in 2009. Drew Barrymore’s character laments to her friends (paraphrasing):

“He MySpaced me and then messaged my BlackBerry, so I texted his cell and then he emailed my home account and I left a voicemail…I remember the days when there was one home line and one answering machine and inside that answering machine was one cassette tape where he did or didn’t leave you a message. Now you have to go around checking all these different portals just so you can be rejected by seven kinds of technology.”

Ok, now for the oh-so-very-hokey hoedown video parody:

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