Are you an A+ player? Want to work from anywhere?

If you’re an A+ player, then we’re on the lookout for you.

Our marketing agency of 14 years, Thrive Marketing, is doing so awesome with our clients and our new training about Messenger bots (that are both high converting AND conversational), as well as our high end mastermind, that we need to expand our agency.

With services ranging from training to strategy and execution on branding, customer acquisition, paid traffic, conversion and custom funnel builds, our (virtual!) boutique marketing agency, Thrive Marketing®, has sold $1 Billion (with a B) dollars of products and services for its clients in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and South Africa.

Apply Below. We’ve been waiting for you.

Available Positions

Thrive Marketing® is a boutique marketing agency. We work with a limited number of clients at a time, allowing us to give our clients more individual attention, more thoughtful ideas and deeper strategy than they would receive at a larger agency. For this reason, many of our clients refer to us as their “Marketing Department” (rather than their ‘agency’) as we literally become a part of their team.

Media Buyer

We’re looking for an A+ player who loves Ads like a fat kid loves cake – and wants to work from anywhere. This person must have command of the best practices and trends in ads marketing, enjoy being creative, and understand how to both build and convert a digital audience.

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Project Manager

In our opinion, there are two sides to being a stellar project manager — managing projects and managing people. We’re looking for someone who is absolutely INCREDIBLE at both!
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Graphic Designer

You live and breathe design, typography, color theory, and composition. You create stunning visuals for both print and digital media. You translate marketing and brand strategies into comps that render beautifully in print and code. You are equally comfortable with Conceptual and Production work. You are not afraid to voice your opinion. Your portfolio must demonstrate competence in logo design, brand identity, website design using different grid systems, and other collateral design.
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Conversion Copywriter

You have expertise in direct response writing, with the ability to tailor messages to multiple audiences through a variety of mediums, including various social media platforms. You also possess a high level of expertise in proofreading, grammar, and spelling is necessary – including sharp editing blades that trim fat and wordiness from articles.
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Front-End Web Developer

You have the ability to communicate like a human through email, chats, conference calls or phone when necessary – and you area also a supreme UI and front-end developer.
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Social Media Scholar

In our opinion, there are two sides to being a savvy social media scholar— strategic thinking and brilliant execution. We’re looking for someone who is absolutely INCREDIBLE at both!
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Funnel Tech Ninja

In our opinion, there are two sides to being an amazing Funnel Tech Ninja: 1) creative problem-solving and 2) managing the details that will make campaigns and funnels run smoothly, seamlessly, accurately and on time. We’re looking for someone who is absolutely great at details and can figure out the most efficient way to get funnels and campaigns created, with little supervision required.
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